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Olivia Culpo’s Holiday Gifting and Entertaining Tips

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Olivia Culpo revealed her tip for snagging the best gifts for the holidays: Get personal.

“Something sentimental always goes a long way, like bracelets or charms that shows me something about them,” the model, 26, told PEOPLE at the launch of Cointreau’s Designer Cocktail Series, where the 26-year-old model shared a recipe for a cocktail she created for the liqueur company.

However, Culpo knows that sometimes that can leave you stumped on what to get.

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“If you don’t have anything that’s sentimental, another good gift is a candle or something for the bath that’s relaxing. I also like a spa treatment or really comfortable blanket. Things like that that are comfortable. Things you don’t always think of buying for yourself, but the little things will make a difference for someone.” 

At the event, Culpo also released a recipe for a cocktail that she designed for the holidays with Cointreau, which she called the Red Carpet Cosmo. “I basically decided to take the traditional Cosmo and add raspberries and garnish with candied ginger,” she told PEOPLE of her drink. 

“I feel around the holidays when you’re around friends and family it’s really fun to take standard traditional things that we may drink and decide to make it different,” she said. “When I’m inventing a cocktail, I’m definitely thinking of something reflective of my personality which is something girly.” 

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