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Petra Nemcova and Happy Hearts Fund want to happify YOUR heart with the trip of a millenium


If you follow our Swimsuit models on social media you may have noticed a sudden surge of interest in Petra Nemcova's non-profit Happy Hearts fund, which builds schools in parts of the world that have been devastated by natural disaster. Petra started the organization in the wake of personal tragedy when she and her fiancé were caught in the middle of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, which took his life and came within inches of taking hers (read Rick Reilly's story about Petra's experience here).

All of us here at Swimsuit are eager to give back, and not just because Petra is the warmest, most positive person in the universe, but because it's the right thing to do. And we were hoping that maybe you could give us a hand too.

But what's in it for me?

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I know you didn't actually think that because you aren't a horrible person. But to honor your altruism we are offering you a little sumpin' sumpin'. With 2014 marking both the 50th anniversary of SI Swimsuit and the 10th anniversary of the Tsunami, Swimsuit and the Happy Hearts Fund are giving one kind soul a trip for two to be on location at a 2015 Swimsuit shoot. So, while we are there you will also be there. With models. This is not a joke. Stop acting weird.

Click here to donate at our Prizeo site. The higher your donation the more times your name will be entered, and the bigger the likelihood of all your dreams coming true before the year is out. I KNOW, RIGHT?

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Petra talks about H.H.F. on Bloomburg TV:

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From the H.H.F. website:

Happy Hearts Fund has rebuilt 85 schools damaged or destroyed by natural disasters, reached 46,000 children and impacted the lives of 490,000 community members in just seven years. Help us reach our goal of completing the 100th school by the end of this year—we can do it together! I was lucky to survive the Tsunami, and to have a family and home to return to. I have also been blessed to see first-hand the difference that a new school provides not just to the children, but to the entire community who want nothing more than hope and opportunity for their kids.  You can be part of this amazing change – any small amount helps to brighten the future and the hearts of these incredible children.

Mother Nature’s path is unpredictable and extremely powerful. Imagine being a child and losing your home, your family members—your sense of safety and your sense of hope. By helping children return to safe, disaster-proof schools as quickly as possible, we are providing them with a sense of normalcy and community, and we are providing the entire community with emergency shelter in the event that another disaster strikes.