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Q&A: Damaris Lewis Discusses LeBron As a Corvette and Lance Stephenson As a Kid

Photograph by Steve Erle

Photograph by Steve Erle

SI Swimsuit alum Damaris Lewis would be the first person to say that she loves basketball. In fact, she already has, in a TNT promo earlier this season:

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If you need more convincing of her basketball bobona fides, you could visit her blog, Heels to Hoops. (That Damaris was an accomplice when Kate Upton did her infamous Dougie at a Clippers game doesn't hurt, either.) With the NBA Finals raging, SwimDaily checked in with the native Brooklynite to see where her allegiances lie.


SwimDaily:  Let's cut right to the chase: Miami vs. San Antonio. Who do you like?

Damaris Lewis: I've always been a LeBron fan, so I'm rolling with the Heat. I wouldn't mind seeing them take the title 2 years in a row to hush the naysayers.

SD: LeBron and Duncan are two completely different players. LeBron is like a Corvette, whereas Duncan is more of a trustworthy Ford F-150 with 100,000 miles that's still going strong. Which do you prefer?

DL: I prefer the Corvette. The Ford has seen the road and knows the streets. The Corvette is shiny and new and ready to go on a road trip! There's always an extra amount of excitement when you know that the team who wins can potentially do it again next season with the same squad.

SD:I know you were a neighbor of Lance Stephenson growing up. What did you think of his emergence as an up-and-coming NBA player after struggling in college and early in his career?

DL: I am so proud of Lance. To hear the commentators speak about him and his importance to the team makes me happy. Not too many people leave the area that we're from and get to fulfill their dreams so it's a blessing to see him doing well. I remember I saw his mom everyday when I got home from school and at one point he was skinny with braids. He was always playing ball in Coney Island.

SD:You're a Knicks fan. What are their chances next season? What do they need to advance past Miami?

DL: I always have high hopes for the Knicks. They had moments in this past season where their defense was the best in the East. That's what they need to advance past Miami. Consistent defense. Miami is a team that loves to pass the ball. Any opposing team needs to understand that they have more than one shooter who can score from different parts of the floor and up their defense when playing them as a result.

SD:Which other SI Swimsuit models would you consider big NBA fans?

DL: Jessica Gomes loves basketball. We sat in the same section at a Knicks game a few months ago. I haven't met Nina Agdal yet, but I do know that she's a huge Heat fan.

SD:What are you doing with your life now?

DL: This year I've been pretty busy and I'm very happy about it. I'm pursing sports broadcasting work (I am now signed with MAXX Sports & Entertainment), as well as acting, modeling and dancing. I recently finished filming a small roll in Hugh Grant's new film directed by Marc Lawrence. My 1st American cover is on stands as well, for the June issue of Fitness Magazine. So I can't say I'm doing too bad.