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In Her Own Words: Robyn Lawley is More Than Just a Model

Robyn Lawley shares one of her most honest moments.
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In Her Own Words itself started and remained an all-female endeavor (one of my first all-female crews). I had the pleasure of working with my partner-in-crime/photographer Taylor Ballantyne and the effervescent Sailor Brinkley Cook (fellow photographer and model.) I was given the glorious opportunity to be behind the camera, and I believe it turned out to be an amazing and honest journey for the group of us. 


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This was the second project that I have done with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. They also invited me on one of their trips to Aruba to do some backup videography work. Never have I felt more support from a magazine, not only putting me in their pages at my glorious 6'2" frame, but also nurturing my passion for cinematography.

In Her Own Words was a very personal and “naked” project for the models. Being naked often seemingly comes with the territory as a model, however being naked with my words painted on my body made me feel more exposed and vulnerable, baring my soul so to speak, and yet at the same time the words began to feel like a blanket protecting and empowering me. It also reminded me while, yes, I am a model, I am so much more. 


Hearing the stories from all the women involved and their journeys to self-love and acceptance was beyond moving and deserving. Too long have we seemingly pushed body diversity aside without a thought to the detrimental effects it will have on generations to come. All the women I filmed were beautiful. All the women I filmed were strong, fierce, sexy and deserving. The best part of the shoot was to be able to relate to all the women, to be able to cry when they cried and to learn that every single person has to overcome so much in the world in which we put so much "weight" into appearance.


This was one of my most honest moments. Rarely have I been able to see the images photographed of me, but to be able to go through them with my friend and say no to certain shots and yes to ones I liked was the most thrilling part. 

I’m very thankful to all the beautiful women we were fortunate enough to photograph and film. And I’m thankful to my crew of talented women who helped fan the flames of my passion and interest for film.

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