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Ronda Rousey discusses her sex symbol status and which MMA fighter should appear in SI Swimsuit

When she's not dominating opponents in the ring, Ronda Rousey enjoys a good meal. And not just any good meal, but the Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Breakfast Sandwich, courtesy of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's. I caught up with Ronda over the phone to discuss her experience at SI Swimsuit, which UFC fighter would make the best model and her favorite breakfast sandwich.

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SD: Your photos in the SI Swimsuit issue were wildly successful. Do you consider yourself a sex symbol?

RR: It’s not weird. It’s more like I was playing that role for a day. I don’t feel like that every day. My roommate Marina (Shafir) just made these amazing Paleo brownies and I just took some down. So I really don’t  feel like a swimsuit sex symbol right now. I feel like someone who’s full of a brownie that has zucchini in it but is somehow still delicious.

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SD: Would you ever want to be a full-time model?

RR; It’s difficult. I did an all-day shoot yesterday and my knee is swollen. I know it’s not as glamorous as easy as it appears from afar, and I love having the opportunity to dabble in it. But I think doing it full time would be pretty difficult.



SD: Did you have a favorite photo from the issue?

RR: I like two of them a lot. The one in the Lilu Dallas swimsuit with the shadows going across it. I thought it was really cool to have the swimsuit in straight line bands and a shadow going across with the same width band. That’s was all (SI photographer) Walter Iooss and how amazing his eye is from a photographer’s point of view. That was just pretty and a real cool shot. I really like the one laying down on the bar. There was a serious one and the smiley one. I think I like the smiley one better but they used the serious one. I remember that was a part of the day when I felt most comfortable and I think you could tell in the picture I was more comfortable than any other shot that day. I could’ve taken a nap on that bar it was so cozy. It was so cold and the bar was so warm. I just wanted to lay in it.


SD: Are there any other MMA fighters we should consider for the Swimsuit Issue. 

RR: I think Paige VanZant would do an amazing job. She just won her fight the other day and she’s done a fair amount of modeling before. I think she’d rock it. 

SD: And now the most important question. Did Carl's Jr. just create the best breakfast sandwich of all time?

RR: Yes. It’s like the fast food version of the Monte Cristo and I love Monto Cristos. I only got to eat the cold one while shooting, too. I haven’t tried the ready-made one yet and I’m dying to have that sandwich in its pristine state. Even the cold one was really good.


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