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Rookies who rocked 2014: Hannah Ferguson

IF SI SWIMSUIT were Friday Night LightsHannah Ferguson would be Tyra*—the blonde stunner with a bad girl glint in her eye, but really a dyed-in-the-wool good Texas girl at her core (but minus all that deeply damaged, self-destructive stuff).  It's an equation that worked for us, and seemed to work for you because judging by the year Hannah's had, it seems she'll be on the radar for many years to come.

Texas forever, amirite?

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*Just for the record, I would be whoever ends up with Tim Riggins, because this is Tim Riggins.

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Here's 2014 in Hannah's words:

My holy s*** moment: Well I'd be lying if I didn't say doing SI was my most shocking 'WOW' moment. Being selected as the new face of Carl'sJr., putting me in the company of the past girls like KateUpton, NinaAgdal, EmilyRatajkowski and ParisHilton, was a big shock as well, though. The shoot was a LOT of fun getting to represent Texas and shoot with a big truck was an absolute ideal situation!

Favorite red carpet look: I really loved the dress I wore for the last night of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit launch. It was a short, glittery, gold, form-fitting dress by Haute Hippie, and was both glamorous and sexy which is exactly what I love! ​

Best thing I ate: My natural instinct would be to say 'ICE CREAM,' but if you want a more creative answer I'd say my ma's home cooked Thanksgiving dinner

Best movie I saw: I really enjoyed John Wick; I loved Keanu Reeves role—he plays a total badass!!! I definitely get into movies with characters like that.

Best book I read: I have to admit I'm not a book worm, but I have been enjoying The Hobbit! ​

Best song I discovered: This year I really got into Reggae music, actually! My favorite song/reggae artist is Come Over (Missing You) by Busy Signal

Something I crossed off my bucket list: Hahaha, I snorkled naked! What can I say? I wanted to tan my butt!

And here's what we loved about Hannah's year:

During Launch Week, she opened up to us about her upbringing, which was pretty different from any of ours...

..and on the red carpet, Hannah brought that extra sparkle.


She joined the ever-growing ranks of SI Swimsuit models who have gotten the Galore bombshell treatment, and pulled it off like a boss...

...ditto for the aforementioned Carl's Jr. shoot.

GQ discovered that Hannah is just as dazzling in a t-shirt as she is a swimsuit...

Click to see the gallery on

...meanwhile, we discovered she's at her best on the dance floor/field.

She schooled VH1's Jarvis Derrell on three of her strong points: modeling, shooting and twerking.

Speaking of shooting...

Hannah shot (the other kind of shot) for Nicholas Routzen's inaugural SALT + AIR calendar, which went like this:

And she posed for the websiteAll My Friends Are Models, which went like this:

Thank you, Hannah...

...and your perfectly tanned butt...

...for an incredible 2014!

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