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Secrets of the Beach: Julie Henderson

Julie Henderson╰☆╮SI Swimsuit 2012! (37)

Long hours at the beach may be part of a typical workday for Julie Henderson during swimsuit season, but that doesn't discourage her from also soaking up the sun for fun. The SI Swimsuit beauty gave us a rundown of where she goes and what she brings when the beach beckons.


Swim Daily: What is your favorite summer beach spot?

Julie Henderson: I love the Caribbean. I think there are beautiful beaches and it is not too far from New York. But if I don’t want to get on a plane, I just go to the Hamptons for a nice little weekend!

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SD: What is your go-to beach bag?

Mochilas are hand-woven bags from Colombia

Mochilas are hand-woven bags from Colombia

JH: I have so many of these little bags called mochilas. They are hand-woven from these tribes in Colombia. They are the perfect beach bag because they are not too big and bulky like the big straw ones, and you can throw it over your shoulder! You can get it wet and you can get it sandy, and it is not a big deal.

SD: What is the best swimsuit for the season?

JH: The swimsuit of the season would be Julie Henderson for Basta Surf, obvi! The ONFRE style is cute if you don’t have a bigger bust. And, it is strapless, which is great so you don’t get tan lines!

SD: What is your best beauty tip for looking great at the beach?

JH: If you hop into the water and get your hair all salt-watery and let it air dry, I think that is the best look.

SD: What is a good beach cover-up?

JH: I am a sundress or tunic kind of girl. If it is too short then I’ll do the ripped jean shorts. Something easy that doesn’t stick to you.

Julie says cardio is the key to a great beach body (Photo via Modelinia)

Julie says cardio is the key to a great beach body (Photo via Modelinia)

SD: What are your favorite sunglasses?

JH: It depends on what I’m wearing. I have big, glamorous ones that are black, and I have the Oakleys with the mirrored, colored lenses, which are really fun too!

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Julie’s Beach Must-Haves:

Lip Balm: Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm


Book: Gone Girl


Artists: Rihanna and ZZ Ward

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