Serena Williams Takes Winter Vacation in Glamorous Hot Pink Zip-Up Swimsuit

The athlete appears to be enjoying a fabulous winter trip.
Serena Williams

Serena Williams.

For former professional tennis player Serena Williams, winter vacation looks much like the rest of ours does. And as it turns out, years playing tennis under the glaring sun doesn’t make her any more equipped to take on the harsh rays after a few months of colder weather and more time spent indoors.

In a comically real TikTok that the athlete shared to her account recently, she documented a snippet of her vacation routine, which included a heavy application (and continual reapplication) of sunscreen. Williams wore a vibrant hot pink long-sleeved swimsuit (for maximum sun protection) with a chic front zipper detail for her afternoon of boating on the crystal blue waters.

“Winter vacation for me is all about the sun. I love the sun, but I don’t take risks. At all,” she joked in the clip. “I just applied two layers of sunscreen and now it’s time for me to apply my third.” The 42-year-old proceeded to pat the cream on her face and sit down in the shade of the boat to protect her skin.

“This is how I do vacation,” she wrote in the caption.

With her great swimsuit style and her good sense, it seems that the athlete truly does winter vacation right. Though as the Australian Open looms closer, we’re lamenting that we won’t be seeing her on the tennis court this season, but the recent uptick in hilarious content on her social media accounts certainly makes up for it.

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Martha Zaytoun


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