SI Swim Search 2021 has Officially Begun

Come join the SI Swim Search Community!

We are excited to introduce our SI Swim Search Community, a digital platform that we have created specifically for you. Here you can create your own profile that allows you to interact and engage with the SI Swimsuit editorial team, previous Swim Search winners, other hopefuls and fans. This is where you can officially submit yourself for #SISwimSearch2021 - pause for screams of excitement! By posting enthusiastically and often, show us why you should be a part of the SI Swimsuit family. Our hope is that this platform will be a safe and positive place where individuals can share, interact and encourage each other to be their authentic selves along with having a direct line into the SI Swimsuit franchise with exclusive access and information.

SI Swim Search was born from the desire to connect with people who align with our brand. To find the next amazing individual to be featured in our magazine who will help continue to support our mission in changing the conversation around representation and beauty. Our goal was to create a supportive community where women feel heard, seen, empowered and inspired to be themselves and share their stories. The result has far surpassed what we ever could have imagined. Not a day goes by that the SI Swimsuit team is not amazed by the love, support and authenticity that participants bring to Swim Search. With our partner Vita Coco, we have created a one-of-a-kind experience that allows the team at SI Swimsuit to get to know, mentor and engage with our community in a new and exciting way.

SI Swimsuit editor-in-chief MJ Day says it best: “At its heart, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit franchise is all about empowerment and Swim Search is where that spirit is most vibrant. It’s an incredible opportunity for women who aspire to be part of our brand, and a chance for all of us to celebrate unique beauty and draw awareness to inspiring stories that might otherwise go untold. Each year thousands of women from all walks of life and from around the world, of all ages, races, shapes and sizes, stand shoulder to shoulder—celebrating and inspiring each other.”

We are often asked if having prior modeling experience or being signed with an agency is required. As always, the answer is no. Be discovered by us, as many have in the past. Looking for a tip for grabbing our attention? The answer is as simple as it is dynamic: Be yourself. Post often and tell us all about who you are and what makes you unique -- the Swim Search platform will allow us to get to know you!

Starting today, August 3, you can join the SI Swim Search Community by creating your profile and sharing your 60-second video telling us why you want to be a part of SI Swimsuit.

In addition to keeping us updated on your personal feed, check in with us every Monday for our Community Callback! We will announce challenges and fun assignments in which you can participate. Think of these weekly cues as your casting callbacks! The more you post, the better we’ll be able to get to know you. Every Friday we will be highlighting some of our favorite content from the week.

Stick with us over the next few weeks and show us what you’re all about! We can’t wait to (virtually) meet you!

Here’s what to do:

1. Login or create an account at! This step is most important. Without logging in, we won't be able to see your submission!


3. Click the Blue CREATE Button

4. Write your post title and description. Here's your chance to stand out!

5. Upload a 60 second video telling us why you want to be a part of SI Swim Search!

6. Click POST and take the first step at following your dreams -- how exciting!



Do I have to be on the SI Swim Search Community to be considered for SI Swim Search 2021?

Yes! You must be signed up and submit your videos through the SI Swim Search Community.  We strongly encourage posting your video on Instagram and tagging @si_swimsearch and @si_swimsuit to further your chances.

What kind of people are you looking for?

Everyone! SI Swim Search is a place for everyone to feel seen, heard and valued.

Do I need to be signed to an agency to be eligible?

Nope! That is the beauty of SI Swim Search. We welcome signed and unsigned models.

Is there a height requirement?

MJ Day said it best, "What is height?" Absolutely not! Beauty does not come from how short or tall you are!

Are there ANY requirements?

Only one! You need to be 18+. Other than that -- everyone is welcome and encouraged to join! We are open to international applicants!

All applicants must be 18+, open to international applicants.. By uploading a video to our website and using the designated tags, you represent that you have, and grant to Sports Illustrated, the worldwide perpetual rights to use and authorize others to use the video in all media for all purposes. Applicants will be contacted by direct message on Instagram or via email. Please do not reach out for feedback or comments regarding your application.

Margot Zamet


Margot Zamet is the Fashion Editor at SI Swimsuit covering all things style and beauty. Margot joined the “swim team” as an intern while attending school at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been with the brand ever since. She spends much of her year traveling with SI on photoshoots for styling. Her downtime is equal parts R&R on the beach and enjoying overpriced martinis with her friends.