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#SISwimSearch Q&A: Olivia Jordan Doesn't Let Age Stop Her From Chasing Her Goals

Get to know #SISwimSearch finalist Olivia Jordan!

You know what it's time for! We need your help picking a member of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019 rookie class, so keep on voting your hearts out! But first, take a minute to get to know the one of our six lovely finalists, Olivia Jordan.

Olivia first stole hearts when she was crowned Miss USA in 2015 and she's been killing it ever since. From modeling to acting she's ready to achieve all of her goals. Check out the full interview with this blue-eyed beauty below!

Sports Illustrated: How has life changed for you in the past year because of #SISwimSearch?

Olivia Jordan: I had wanted to do Sports Illustrated for so long and 2017 I started to try to let go of that dream. I was like ‘It’s too late and I’m sort of aging out of this opportunity and I need to just let it go so I can be open for other things.’ But when it happened, it just kind of reinvigorated me. I don’t have to listen to society’s message that I’m getting older and I can keep chasing after my dreams and doing things on my own timeline. And that reinvigoration has opened doors for me. I’ve done two films since this was announced and I feel like those kind of opportunities are so special.

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SI: What is social media like now that you’re a finalist?

OJ: I definitely have a lot more male followers. My account was almost entirely women, and then all of sudden, I had these male followers, so that’s interesting and new for me.

SI: Have you told your parents to prepare themselves for your sexy photos?

OJ: My family is so, so supportive of whatever I do, but that’s something that kind of has evolved with age. They’ve seen me make good career decisions and they’ve seen me have success, so now I think they trust me. This is a whole new side of me that I’m showing the world, so I’m sure there will be some people surprised by that, but I think it’s good to just keep exploring different sides of myself and pushing myself to my limits.


SI: What would you like to see yourself doing two years from now?

OJ: My main goal is to be the lead of a show. Television is just so good right now and that would be the dream. Other than that, at some point, I’ve got to get on Dancing with the Stars. I’m obsessed with that show and I love dancing. I’m honestly not that good at it, so I don’t know if I’m going for the mirror ball, but that’s just something I’ve kind of been fixated on.

SI: What are you looking forward to most when the issue comes out?

OJ: I’m so excited to be part of the launch week events. These are women that are so empowered and inspiring and to just all be together is going to be incredible energy and it has been incredible just to be with the #SISwimSearch girls through this whole process.


SI: Were you surprised to find out that you and finalist Allie Ayers are both from Oklahoma?

OJ: I actually saw her video when SI posted it and I instantly loved her. I knew she was going to be Oklahoma competition! I feel like there is something special about being from the same place and being raised in a similar way, so we kind of were instant friends and it’s been a comfort throughout the process.

SI: Were you ever a victim of bullying growing up?

OJ: I think the hardest time of bullying was during my Miss USA year. It’s just so competitive and when you win then people sort of come after you with all of their thoughts on if you deserve the opportunity or not, so that was hard because I had never been exposed to any kind of fan base before…and a lot of them had a lot of negative things to say. They just completely tear you apart — your look, your age, whether you deserve this. So, I had to kind of figure out how to not worry so much about what people think and stay really positive.

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