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SI Swimsuit Editors' Picks: Fitness Favorites—Breakin Boundaries

BEING AN editor atSI Swimsuit means exotic places, fresh fashions and an ever-growing list of must-haves. This week: fitness favorites. When you spend your days meeting, shooting, and sorting through images of supermodels, you might be a little more inclined to want to work out, so here are the ways we do it.

DISCLAIMER: While we can guarantee a healthier you, we cannot guarantee the body of a Swimsuit model.

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Darcie Baum, Senior Editor: Breakin Boundaries (rates vary by class)

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I LOVE TO DANCE. I may not be Beyonce (our former covergirl), but a girl can try right? Even though as of late, the only dance parties I have are with Janine Berey in my office, I love going to classes. One of my favorite is Hip Hop Aerobics at Breakin Boundaries in Brooklyn.  Rates are relatively cheap for the New York area. You can purchase a series of 10 classes for $120. The teacher is hilarious and high energy—he can make you forget you’re sweating bullets and gasping for air between floor grinds and twerking. It's an awesome way to burn a ton of calories, and feel sexy and confident while doing it! Especially when he's shouting "Grind it 'til you find it girls!"


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