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SI Swimsuit Editors' Picks: Fitness favorites—SoulCycle

BEING AN editor atSI Swimsuit means exotic places, fresh fashions and an ever-growing list of must-haves. This week: fitness favorites. When you spend your days meeting, shooting, and sorting through images of supermodels, you might be a little more inclined to want to work out, so here are the ways we do it.

DISCLAIMER: While we can guarantee a healthier you, we cannot guarantee the body of a Swimsuit model.

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Alyssa Conroy, Editorial Assistant: SoulCycle (first class $20; regular $34/class)

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ALONG WITH seemingly everyone else in NYC, I am obsessed with SoulCycle, an indoor cycling class that incorporates weights, bands and other methods to make it a full body workout. The instructors play the sickest music and offer musically-themed classes: think Jay vs. Kanye or N*SYNC vs. Backstreet. Currently SoulCycle is only available in California and the Northeast, but has plans to expand. And, if you happen to be in NYC may I suggest you take classes with Tomas’ if you're looking for a dance party, or Laurie if you're looking for an ass-kicking. Unfortunately the best workout ever doesn't come cheap ($34/class, or you can purchase a package) but I have gotten so many of my friends hooked, and I know they love me for it. You will too.

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