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SI Swimsuit Editors' Picks: Travel Essentials, Day 2

BEING AN editor atSI Swimsuit means exotic places, fresh fashions and an ever-growing list of must-haves. This week we’re letting you in on some of our favorite travel essentials. From skincare to comfort to gadgets, these picks are designed to give you the edge on your next trip.

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Janine Berey, Assistant Editor: Eye masks & fuzzy socks

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Travel essentials—there are so many!!! Chapstick, headphones, trashy magazines, but my most important things that I never forget to bring are an eye mask and comfy fuzzy socks. At SI Swimsuit we are always jetting away on long flights to far away destinations, and the second we land the work begins, so it is important to take a good nap on the plane. I slip my eye mask on, and when I wake up I'm on the other side of the world. My other essential is a pair of warm socks. I am always cold and airplanes typically have the AC blasting. After I'm settled and the flight takes off I changed into PJs and put on my cozy socks so I can stay warm the entire flight. When you travel—sometimes for 30 hours straight—it is extremely important to be comfortable.

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Eye Masks:

These adorable Wildfox Couture Let's Sleep In and I Need a Nap masks will send a clear message to the flight attendant or a chatty neighbor.

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Fuzzy Socks:

They're from Brookstone and they're called Nap Socks. What more do you need to know?