SI Swimsuit Launches New App: Meet The Swimfluence Network

An inclusive community for women looking to connect, learn and grow.

Meet The Swimfluence Network. We’ve created an inclusive community for women who are looking to connect, learn, grow and champion change for the next generation. Available now for iOS & Android by searching The Swimfluence Network in the App Store or visit us online.

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Amanda Kay, Katie Austin, Saje Nicole, Ally Courtnall, Summer Wilson, Christen Harper, Kristen Louelle, Alex Aust, Chelsea Heath, Taylor Sharpe, Gabriella Halikas, Allie Ayers, and Natalie Gage were photographed by Yu Tsai in Atlantic City, N.J. Swimsuit by Ola Vida. Swimsuit by bond-eye. Swimsuit by ForPlay. Swimsuit by bond-eye. Swimsuit by Gabriela Pires Beachwear. Swimsuit by Solid & Striped. Swimsuit by bond-eye. Swimsuit by Andi Bagus. Swimsuit by Blackbough Swim. Swimsuit by OYE Swimwear. Swimsuit by Blackbough Swim. Swimsuit by Bissy Swim. Swimsuit by Pretty Little Thing

The Swimfluence Network is designed for you! From models and role models to thoughtful leaders and wellness enthusiasts, we bring people together all year long.

 The Swimfluence Network offers the opportunity to:

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  • Gain exposure, cultivate and leverage your brand, plus enter SI Swim Search. 
  • Discover potential sponsors right at your fingertip.
  • Connect and learn from your favorite role models and access all of the SI Swim latest news and trends.
  • Plus, explore and connect through groups, live events and more.

With a myriad of opportunities just one click away, The Swimfluence Network is your new go-to supportive community where women feel seen, heard, empowered and inspired to be themselves. What are you waiting for? Join now.

Members of TSN will receive exclusive first access to enter for SI Swim Search 2022, starting December 21. We will open up castings on Instagram and in-person in 2022. Best part? The more we learn about you throughout the platform the better. Be sure to participate in our weekly prompts and let your personality shine!

We’re delighted to have you. Your insights, thoughts, posts and participation help us to build a community that’s powerful and real for everyone, a truly one-of-a-kind experience for all. We are thankful to you for sharing your hopes and dreams with us and for your lasting contributions to making this an exciting and welcoming community.

We’ll be hosting a live webinar in the app tonight, December 20, at 7 p.m. EST to show you our favorite features of TSN and how to enter #SISwimSearch22 💙

Instagram & In-Person Castings Coming in 2022. 

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