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Halloween felt pretty epic this year. After last season’s restrictions, trick-or-treaters went all out when it came to costumes, and SI Swimsuit models were no exception. So many of them dressed up in outfits that ranged from scary to hilarious and DIY to elaborate. But which were the best ones? Here are the best Halloween costumes that SI Swimsuit models donned this year.

Josephine Skriver as a Psychedelic Clown

The SI Swimsuit model loves getting dressed for an occasion. So, it’s no surprise she goes big when it comes to Halloween. This year was no different as Skriver showed off two getups. Yes, first, she shared a video on Instagram that showed her transformation from makeup-less to eerie clown makeup face with short rainbow hair. And later, she shared a picture from a Halloween party dressed in some sort of bloody witch. We love her spooky style.

Sara Sampaio as Scooby-Doo

Sampaio is all about not taking herself too seriously, and that was certainly the case for her choice of Halloween costume. The model rocked a larger-than-life Scooby-Doo outfit and wore it around New York City to clubs, restaurants and more. “Def my sexiest costume to date,” she captioned the silly costume video.

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Haley Kalil in a Last-Minute Costume

Although Halloween wasn’t top of mind for Kalil, she managed to pull off a sultry look at the last minute. The model donned a black and white corseted dress that had a western vibe. Kalil described it as, “I’m just a peasant girl… or someone from Westworld…. Or whoever else wears an old-timey dress and a corset (not because they didn’t plan ahead for Halloween or anything).” Well, we love her last-minute approach.

Hunter McGrady as a Firefighter

It was a family affair for the new mom as McGrady opted to coordinate outfits with her husband and newborn son. The theme of choice? A firehouse. The parents dressed up as firefighters, while adorable Hudson was the station Dalmatian.

Chrissy Teigen as Morticia Addams

Teigen had a couple of costumes this year—one of which involved balancing a lot of fruit—but the Addams Family homage was the best. The model and cookbook author dressed as Morticia while the rest of the family took on the other roles. John Legend was Gomez, daughter Luna was Wednesday, son Miles was Pugsley, Teigen’s mom Pepper was Grandmama, and a mystery individual was Cousin It.

Camille Kostek as Boyfriend Rob Gronkowski

“When football Sunday lands on Halloween, you dress up as the 4x SB Champ Robbie G, the one and only @gronk,” Kostek posted alongside a photo of her dressed in a football outfit. But it wasn’t just any player’s jersey; it was that of her boyfriend, Tampa Bay tight end Rob Gronkowski. The SI Swimsuit model poked fun that the jersey smelled and how the four Super Bowl champion rings made her fingers sore.