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SI Swimsuit Models Reveal the Most Romantic Gift They Ever Received

These women have some creative partners.

While it’s always important to show your partner how much you love them, Valentine’s Day is a great time to up the ante when it comes to romance. But it can be tricky to think of a truly unique way to pull this off. Well, lucky for some SI Swimsuit models, they have some clever significant others in their lives who have thought outside the box when it comes to loving gestures. Below, check out the most romantic gifts they’ve received. (Bonus: the women also shared their ideas for the perfect date.)

Christen Harper Is A Fan Of Diamonds

“The most romantic gift I ever received was a necklace my boyfriend gave me right after he said I love you for the first time,” says Harper. It’s a dainty gold necklace with a single diamond. It was also the first diamond necklace I ever had! I wear that necklace every day and it always reminds me of him and that moment and how special it was.”

Tanaye White Adored A Custom Painting

“The most romantic gift I ever received was a painting a guy I was dating had made of me,” says White. “He sent a painter his favorite photo of me and the painter used the photo and his feedback to paint it on canvas. In the canvas, my afro was transformed into a galaxy of stars! It was so sweet.”

Katie Austin Got a Sentimental Necklace

“I’ve got to be honest, I don't love big romantic gifts,” says Austin. “But I love small sentiments and little ways to show appreciation. My most romantic gift, though, was when my boyfriend gave me a necklace with the date we met engraved on the back! It was such a thoughtful reminder of where our relationship began.”

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As far as the date goes? Austin loves cooking a meal together at home. “I love playing good music, opening a bottle of wine and being in the kitchen with my man,” she says. “It’s a great way to spend time together.”

Marquita Pring Loved Her Artistic Surprise

“One of the windows in my bedroom faces a brick wall about six feet away,” says Pring. “One day, my boyfriend took me to Home Depot and tricked me into picking out a bunch of paint colors for a ‘project’ he was working on. When we got home, he opened one of the paints and flicked them out the window at the brick wall. It blew my mind that in one crazy act, he turned it into a canvas. He opened all the paint and said, ‘Have at it.’ It still makes me smile every time I wake up and see that wall.”

Pring adds that her favorite date would include “cold drinks on a hot beach talking about fun ways of seeing the world. Then maybe barefoot dancing on the back deck as the sun sets and washing it all away in an outdoor shower.”

Brooks Nader Is a Fan of Personal Videos

“I definitely love sentimental gifts,” says Nader. “And my husband knows jewelry is the way to my heart. So he tends to do that and then ads videos or notes from all my loved ones.”

On the perfect date front: “I love going to any of my favorite spots in the West Village,” she says. “Having a nice bottle of wine and having flowers waiting are always a plus."