SI Swimsuit models Natasha Barnard, Hannah Ferguson, Cris Urena and Anastasia Ashley popped some shots for Model Madness 2014


* * *

LAST THURSDAY SI hosted its annual March Madness party at Slate in Manhattan's Flatiron district. The turnout was crazy, and even crazier if you were one of the four Swimsuit models (Natasha BarnardHannah FergusonCrisUrena and Anastasia Ashley) who graced the party with their beauty and skillz. Suffice it to say the ratio of models to random dudes was strongly in the models' favor (provided any of them were searching for love at the SI March Madness party which, to my knowledge, they weren't).

For the several minutes we could wrangle the models away from the throngs of selfie-craving fanboys, we had them duke it out in a Pop-A-Shot sudden-death tournament (click for printable, unabridged bracket) that took considerably less time than the NCAA Tournament does. See what happened below. You may learn a thing or two about these ladies.

Rebecca Shore