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New day, new face! Give a warm welcome to Rookie No. 2...

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Yesterday's Rookie Reveal: Erin Heatherton

It's safe to say Ashley Smith, 24,is the first model in SI Swimsuit history who was discovered at a Circle Jerks show. But it's a fitting story for the music lover (she doesn't go anywhere without her red Jawbone Jambox) who went through her share of phases growing up in Texas.

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I went to high school in Austin, but before that I lived in a real small, middle-of-nowhere town called Longview — ranches, cowboys, big trucks, nothing but BBQ places. I always felt different from a young age and liked people that other people didn't, until I got to eighth grade and started hanging out with the punks and the goths. If you got bored, you'd just put another safety pin through your ear. What else are you supposed to do in a small town where there's nothing to do?

DYK: Ashley designs a line of clothes for California-based streetwear company RVCA.

Intrigued? Of course you are. Follow Ashley on Twitter and Instagram, and come back Monday at 9 a.m. ET as we unveil our next SI Swimsuit 2015 Rookie.

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SI Swimsuit 2015 Casting Call: Ashley Smith

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