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The SI Swimsuit Community Shows the Internet Why They're #StrongLikeAWoman

SI Swimsuit and Hard Rock Hotels bring women empowerment to the forefront of their partnership with #StrongLikeAWoman

This week has been a whirlwind of #SISwim21 news, but best of all, we launched our social campaign #StrongLikeAWoman in partnership with Hard Rock Hotels. The viral challenge encourages women to show the world what makes them powerful!

Women (and men, too!) were asked to snap a picture of themselves doing their impression of the iconic Rosie the Riveter pose, use the caption to tell us what makes them strong, and nominate three friends to join them in the challenge. 

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#StrongLikeAWoman took the internet by storm! Scroll below to see some of our favorites of the week. Check back every Friday for more and be sure to join in on the fun!