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Have you bought your SI Swimsuit 2014 issue yet? Prove it with a #swimsuitselfie of you making the purchase . . .

Before the advent of selfies, customers had to rely on the goodness of strangers to document proof of purchase. Though not a selfie, this image would suffice. :: Ralf Nau/Stone Collection/Getty Images

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THE SAD TRUTH: The 2014 SI Swimsuit 50th anniversary issue has a shelf-life, and the day you will no longer be able to easily get your hands on this monumental, much ado-ed issue is a-comin' on May 31. We do not want you to miss out on this beaut, nor do we want you to miss out on the beauts contained within the covers, so we've arranged a little something to make it even more worth your while, AS IF if that's even POSSIBLE.

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Here's the deal: from now through May 31 we strongly suggest you step away from the computer, book it to your local convenience store/bodega/Barnes and Noble/7-Eleven/newsstand/trading post, and snap a selfie of you purchasing the 2014 Swimsuit Issue. Here is an example of your basic #swimsuitselfie, courtesy of Darcie Baum and Janine Berey, but we want you to improvise. Make it your own. Make it funny. Make it interesting. Make it poignant. Do it on horseback. Do it in your LARP-ing costume. Take it in sepia tones so we are fooled into thinking you are a time-traveler like the guy in the above picture. Whatever!

So take the selfie, post it on Twitter and tag it #swimsuitselfie. All submissions will be featured in a regular SwimDaily gallery, and we will select our favorite image from each week to receive a limited edition gold foil 2014 Swimsuit Issue, featuring the signatures of all THREE cover models. You got yer Nina, you got yer Lily, you got yer Chrissy. Just because you took a selfie, which you do all the time every day!

We are taking submissions starting . . . NOW. GIT!