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The Best Gifts for Sports Lovers

These presents will most certainly be winners.

When the holidays roll around, it can be challenging to figure out the perfect present for those special people in your life. But if one of those people is a sports fan, we’ve got you covered with ideas. No matter the sport or team, there are unique gifts that will suit a golfer to a football fan. Here are five.

Personalized Professional Baseball Bat

There’s probably nothing better than getting a professional-level bat made by a famous company for those obsessed with America’s pastime. Oh, and how about getting it personalized? That’s precisely what the Cooperstown Bat Company offers. Choose a bat and they will outfit it with a custom engraving. Available from $20 at

Wallet Made from Used NFL Uniform

A new wallet is always a solid gift. But for a football fan, one made from authentic NFL jerseys is golden. While it looks like your average wallet from the outside, game-used jerseys make up the interior dividers. Each one features at least two colors with the team name debossed on the front. It even comes with a tamper-evident hologram sticker that you can look up to see which game the jersey was last worn. Available from $210 at

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Ballpark Blueprints

Does it feel like the sports lover in your life would live at the stadium if they could? Well, why not bring the stadium home by gifting luxe blueprints of the favorite team’s home. Whether it’s golf, soccer, football, baseball, etc., a set of blueprints crafted on museum paper will show off every architectural detail of the spot. It’s the perfect (and aesthetically pleasing) gift. From $60 at

Ticket Stub Diary

Being at the game is the highlight for any sports fan. Help them remember those blissful moments with a journal designed to preserve and display the tickets from those events over the years. The sleeves can handle all different sized tickets with a notes section to write down memories from that day. It will be a gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Available for $14.95 on

Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker

Get ready to make that hockey fanatic very happy this holiday season. Although you can’t get them the actual Stanley Cup, you can get a popcorn maker in the shape of the iconic championship trophy. Yes, the popcorn popper is designed to look identical to the legitimate NHL one with the capability of making a snack (does it get any better?). The bowl of the Cup also transforms into a serving bowl for the popcorn. Now everyone can eat like a champion. Available for $79.99 on