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The Virtual Book Club You’ve Been Waiting For

The Swimfluence Network App has launched a group for all you bookworms.
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We are thrilled at the community growing on The Swimfluence Network App. It’s such a special place to support one another, and today is the first meeting of our very own TSN Book Club. Hosted by none other than SI Swimsuit assistant editor Margot Zamet, think of this group as the sign you’ve been waiting for to both read more and build new communities in the new year.

The first book up is Beautiful World Where Are You by Sally Rooney. 

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Sally Rooney is the best-selling author of Normal People and Conversations with Friends. We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of her.

Beautiful World Where Are You has it all: sex, work, friendships and general angst. The four main characters are described as still young, but on the verge of life catching up with them. (Boy, can we relate to that feeling,) Will they find a way to believe in a beautiful world?

You’ll have to join the app to join the club, but the very first meeting will take place on February 9 at 7 p.m. EST. The group will get together on Google Meets to discuss the book (and have a little virtual happy hour, of course). Some prompts below to get you prepped. ;)

Happy reading!

Book Club Questions

Which character did you identify with most?

Would you read another book by this author?

Does it deserve a TV show? If so, who would play who?

What quotes stuck with you?

Alternate ending: what do you wish would have happened?

BUT.. did you cry?!

What book next?

If you didn’t already know, SI Swimsuit has launched an app! The Swimfluence Network. We’ve created an inclusive community for women who are looking to connect, learn, grow and champion change for the next generation. Available now for iOS & Android by searching The Swimfluence Network in the App Store or visit us online.