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Throwback Thursday: Tyra Banks

Former SI Swimsuit model Tyra Banks, who graced the cover of the 1996 and 1997 swimsuit issues, has become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood thanks to her role as creator and host of America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show. In this 1998 video, Banks discusses a number of topics

On keeping it real:"I try to be as close to who I am. A lot of people say this is my public image and this is my private image. The only thing different about my public and private image is the physical. I don't look so made up all the time. In the airport, people will say: "She looks just like Tyra Banks. but she ain't as pretty as her."

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On modeling:"When I first started modeling, my mom told me, 'Don't believe the hype and this is temporary.' The fashion industry is so fickle. They'll be over me in a couple years but I'll be over then and have moved on. People come up and say 'Tyra, you're this and you're that. Your magazine covers sell this much. Yeah but they're not going tobe selling this much forever and I know that. That's what keeps me right there." I see this as a 9-5, going to work, it's not fun. it's a job. it's a business. i don't get up and say wheeee! I'm going to model today. It's just a job.

On finding a man:"I think I'm a very strong woman. I'm very opinionated. A guy will have a big crush on me or something and he'll call me but he'll never call back because I'm so opinionated. But I'm not weak so I'm still waiting for that strong man who can have this strong tough and opinionated woman."

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