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Today, eight states and the District of Columbia are holding presidential, congressional or other down-ballot primaries. We want to encourage our readers to exercise their right to vote (if you haven’t already done so) through mail-in, absentee ballots or, where allowed, in-person voting. While registration deadlines have passed for absentee/mail-in ballots for these states, you can still vote in person; find your nearest polling center at the links below. 

June 2nd:

District of Columbia, Indiana, Iowa, MarylandMontana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota

In addition, see below for a list of upcoming primaries. You still have time to register to vote, click on links for more info.

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June 9: 

North Dakota, South Carolina, Nevada, West Virginia, Georgia

June 23: 

KentuckyNew YorkVirginia

June 30: 

Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah