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Call the waaambulance

This convicted murderer was denied his SI Swimsuit Issue and he went to court over it​.  [Spoiler alert: he lost]

AP (Gillette at February sentencing); (Soup Nazi)

AP (Gillette);

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SI SWIMSUIT is, by all means, an equal opportunity experience.

Unless you, oh I don't know, KILLED YOUR DAD AND HIS GIRLFRIEND. turned us onto this little news item in which an Oregon judge dismissed an $800,000 suit filed against Lane County Jail by convicted double-murdererJohan Gillette, 38. According to The Oregonian, the suit alleged that the jail "denied him and other inmates certain comforts, such as decent food, soft beds and the annual swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated." Shame about that $800k though. He coulda' been the proud owner of 161,000 copies of the 2014 issue.

Worth noting: this was not the same facility that rejected a shipment of Swimsuit Issues, redirecting it to our offices with a letter from the warden. And BTW, did I not predict that not distributing the magazine would cause more problems than distributing it would? Yes, I did.