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What to Expect From Chrissy Teigen's Second Cookbook

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Good morning to everyone, but especially to Chrissy Teigen, who announced on Twitter that she has officially finished work on her second cookbook. The world only knows the upcoming book as “Cravings 2,” but with a little digging into Chrissy's Instagram account, we found that our one true queen of Twitter has been dropping hints about to what expect for months.

Let’s start with one of her most recent food-related posts: On March 18, Chrissy shared a photo of two scrumptious-looking pies: Key lime with vanilla custard and piña colada key lime topped with fresh pineapple and toasted coconut. She didn’t divulge whether she was testing out recipes for the "Cravings" sequel, but it’s fair to assume that we might find some tropical-inspired desserts in the new book.

Moving on to earlier this month, Chrissy stopped by one of the most legendary pizza shops in Brooklyn, Lucali (also recently featured in David Chang’s Netflix show, Ugly Delicious), where she learned to make pizza with the shop’s owner, Mark Iacono. Could Chrissy have been sharpening her pizza making skills after featuring a pizza recipe in the new cookbook?

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However, our investigation turned up evidence that this cookbook has been in the works for a while, now: Back in September, Chrissy posted a thank you to her fans for inspiring some of the recipes featured in “Cravings 2”, and revealed that she was in the final week of recipe testing for the book. The accompanying photo showed a handwritten recipe for Banana Bundt Bread—especially intriguing given that Chrissy once offered a pair of her husband’s underwear in exchange for brown bananas she could use to make the bread.

By October, Chrissy had clearly begun shooting the book’s photography. Just to pique our interest, she shared one adorable photo of her daughter Luna chowing down on sauce-covered garlic soy ribs, a recipe we can most certainly expect to find in the book.

Then, Chrissy posted an even bigger tease: A wall of tiny photos, presumably of the book’s recipes. She seemed to be choosing the final photographs that would appear in the book, and if you look closely you can spot possibly a couple pies, possibly a muffin pan? The photos are too tiny to see clearly what they depict.

Next up we have a photo of a pregnant Chrissy clad in a white bathing suit sitting on her countertop, joined by a cut of raw meat. More hints at the book’s photography? At least it’s evidence that meat lovers won’t be left out.

Finally, we come to the biggest reveal of all: Chrissy gave the world what we have been waiting for when she showed off a few of the book’s printed pages. We got a peek at her recipes for pancakes, French toast, a breakfast bake, and butter cod. “Cravings 2”–or whatever the final title turns out to be—is really happening and it’s coming soon.

No word yet on an official release date, but no matter what Chrissy serves us, we’re going to eat it up. This has been an official Food & Wine Chrissy Teigen cookbook investigation.

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