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WHO 'GRAMMED IT: Chrissy Teigen or Taco Bell?

@chrissyteigen ::

@chrissyteigen  ::

If you know anything about Chrissy Teigen beyond that she's married to John Legend and they aren't a terrible-looking couple of people, it's that she loves to eat, loves to cook, and loves to instagram all of the above. She's also a big fan of Taco Bell, and was recently invited to the muy exclusivo Friendsgiving event that Taco Bell threw for reasons unknown to me. Like Chrissy, Taco Bell also loves Taco Bell and loves to Instagram about Taco Bell.

So we present you with the first installation (how many "first installations" of something have I installed since I took over the blog, and not followed up on?) of WHO 'GRAMMED IT? in which you figure out whether the image was posted on Instagram by Chrissy or by Taco Bell. Answers follow the gallery and NO CHEATING. Don't ruin this for the rest of us.

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May the odds be ever in your favor.