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Our Women's History Month Wrap-Up

We celebrate women today and every day at SI Swimsuit.

This year challenged us in many ways. To think and work differently. To celebrate differently. To be together differently. And to live differently.

It was also the year that the invisible became visible and women—through our ability to connect, collaborate and empathize—led, inspired, and unified all of us.

We saw the essential work of our mothers, sisters, aunts and friends as well as the frontline healthcare workers, primary caretakers, educators, and community organizers who ensured our children were learning, our families and communities were safe and fed, and every person was heard.

We also saw the remarkable rise of women elected to the highest offices, leading countries through the pandemic, and using the power of their prose to galvanize our communities.

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The women who challenged the status quo, dreamed big, and had the courage to be the first. Who enabled us to be seen and heard, to connect, lead, and inspire. It is in their legacy that we choose to challenge and forge our own path so that future generations enter a world that is more fair, just, and equal for all.

Today and every day, we celebrate all of these women. And we ask you, what will you do to help forge a gender equal world?

Written by Beth PulawskiMom, wife, sister, friend, and advocate. Trying to improve lives every day and empower the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.