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Yumi Nu Commands Attention in SI Swim 2021

This talented rookie has model, singer/songwriter, and fashion designer on her resume

Yumi Nu is one of those talented women with so many multi-hyphens it makes your head spin. She started as a singer/songwriter at age 12, going on to become a successful pop artist on the Dim Mak record label. The Japanese-Dutch recording artist also has 12 years of plus-size modeling experience under her belt. Now she is entering the fashion world from a new angle by creating “Blueki” — an ethically sourced plus-size clothing line, coming out later this year, that was inspired by her engagement with fans on Instagram. She realized there were few chic options for the curve world that are ethically and sustainably sourced. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Yumi Nu.

Yumi Nu was photographed by Yu Tsai in Tampa, FL.

Yumi Nu was photographed by Yu Tsai in Tampa, FL.

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We work with a lot of incredible women. Yumi, however, possesses the most confidence and appreciation for herself and body that we’ve ever seen. She doesn’t hold herself to any traditional beauty standards and is gracefully unapologetic for seeing herself as a powerful, beautiful, sensual woman. She shows up for women in a strong way and is on a mission to end the conversation around limiting women in the industry. Not only is she stunning and an extraordinary model, but she also radiates warmth and the kind of energy that we always want to have around. Yumi's photos are some of my favorites and so is she!

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