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Casting Call: Gracileia Souza


We are back with another sneak peak at the 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue castings. Our latest lovely lady is Gracileia Souza, a gorgeous 28-year-old from Brazil. She has modeled for Maybelline skin foundation , Pantene,  John Frieda, La Perla, Neutrogena, and ARTISTRY makeup. Take a look at what Gracileia had to say.

Name: Gracileia Souza

Age: 28

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Hometown: Vitória, ES - Brazil

Item I can’t leave home without: Cell phone

When I go out I love wearing: Heels

Favorite sport to watch: Soccer

First thing I notice about a guy: His eyes

First thing guys notice about me: My lips

I feel sexiest: In the sun

Celebrity you would choose to do a kissing scene with: Ryan Gosling

Biggest fear: The dark!

Items on my bucket list: Be a mom, go back to live in Brazil, and learn how to bake

Best place I’ve gone for a shoot: Thailand

Ideal swimsuit shoot would be in: Brazil, the Amazon

Favorite Workout Regimen: Yoga

Song I’m currently loving: Anything Can Happen by Ellie Goulding

My random skill: Making pizza

Signature scent: Issey Miyake

My favorite clothing item: Jeans

View Gracileia's: Modeling Portfolio


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