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Casting Call: Lauren Mellor


Lauren Mellor is the latest model to grace our Casting Call page. The lovely South African born beauty has appeared in the pages of Sports Illustrated South Africa, FHM for a lingerie and calendar special, and has starred in a Freya lingerie campaign. The gorgeous brunette sat down with us to talk about what she first notices in men and sports. Take a peek at some of her answers and work below !

Name: Lauren Mellor

Age: 28

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Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa

Item I can’t leave home without: House keys

When I go out I love wearing: Comfortable shoes haha!

Favorite sport to watch: Soccer

First thing I notice about a guy: His lips

First thing guys notice about me: My eyes

I feel sexiest: When it is summer!

Celebrity you would choose to do a kissing scene with: Bradley Cooper or Adrian Grenier (there are just too many hotties)!

Biggest fear: Missing time with my family

Items on my bucket list: See the Northern Lights, climb Mount Kilimanjaro and cuddle with a baby panda :)

Best place I’ve gone for a shoot: the Maldives

Ideal swimsuit shoot would be in: India

What's your favorite workout regimen: Pilates

Song I’m currently loving:What I Might Do - Ben Pearce

My random skill: Tying a cherry stem into a knot

Signature scent: Molecule

My favorite clothing item: At the moment my cashmere scarf, NYC is freezing!

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