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Casting Call: Hannah Ferguson


Hannah Ferguson, known as Fergie to her friends, sat down with us a few weeks ago to discuss all things men, fashion, and items she cannot live without. See her answers below!

Name: Hannah Ferguson

Age: 21

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Hometown: San Angelo, Texas

Item I can’t leave home without: Cell phone

When I go out I love wearing: A cocktail dress

Favorite sport to watch: Basketball

First thing I notice about a guy: His eyes

First thing guys notice about me: My body and lips

I feel sexiest: In a bikini

Celebrity you would choose to do a kissing scene with: Channing Tatum 100%

Biggest fear: Drowning

Items on my bucket list: See as many exotic beaches as possible, become scuba certified, have kids

Best place I’ve gone for a shoot: Adelaide, Australia

Ideal swimsuit should would be in: An exclusive beach

Favorite Workout Regimen: Cardio, yoga and pilates

Song I’m currently loving: Nuthin But A G Thang

My random skill: I can give a great back massage

Signature scent: Still searching for one!

My favorite clothing item: Cut-off jeans shorts

MORE HANNAH: Portfolio

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