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Swim 2015 Casting Call: Heidy De la Rosa

CASTING CALLS for Swimsuit 2015 are in full swing and we are bringing you a sneak peek at some of this year's Swimsuit hopefuls. Who do you think will make it in?

IF MODEL Heidy De la Rosa weren't a model, she could probably make a living as a professional best friend. Unfortunately for the rest of us that privilege has already been claimed by SI Swimsuit 2014 Rookie Chanel Iman.) The Puerto Rico-born model exudes the kind of positive energy that stays with you long after you meet her. So I knew she wouldn't mind if I bumped some Drake and had a little fun with our impromptu photo shoot. Can't say the people in the surrounding offices appreciated the dance party as much as we did, but to all those people I say, "Sorry not sorry."

* * *

Name: Heidy De la Rosa

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But my friends and family call me: Flaca/De la Rosa

Age: 24

Hometown: Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

Current city: NYC

You may know me from my work with: Target, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Harper's Bazaar (Turkey), Jay-Z Fragrance

When I travel I always bring my: good vibes to make it to my destination safely

The most expensive thing in my closet are my: Chanel bag and I use it: all the time

I am best known for my: curves

When I was younger I was: a nerdy-looking tomboy

I feel sexiest when: I'm in my birthday suit

My friends think I spend too much timetraveling

My biggest fear is: not being happy!

The celebrity I'd do a kissing scene with is: Johnny Depp

The book everyone should read is:The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho [Ed note: I'm starting to think this book will transform me into a model.]

The movie everyone should see is:The Game

If I started a charity it would be to: Spread love and give love to everyone, despite race, color or religion!

The three items on my bucket list are:

  1. Learn to drive a race car
  2. Go to the moon
  3. Join the mile-high club

I am: a morning person / not a morning person

I am an: amazing cook / O.K. cook / awful cook . . . "I'm the only Latina that doesn't cook."

My favorite foods are: sweet / savory

I am: **spontaneous** / a planner

My personal style can be summed up as:

  1. Leather jacket and motorcycle boots
  2. T-shirt, jeans and Converse
  3. Chanel sunglasses and Louboutins
  4. Maxi dress and sandals
  5. Other: All of the above. Depends on how I feel and where I'm going.

My favorite musical artist/band is: Michael Jackson

My favorite musical guilty pleasure is: Country music . . . Yeehaw! LOL

My go-to karaoke song is:Quiero Que Me Hagas El Amor by Ednita Nazario

My very first screen name was: Mon Cherry

* * *

HEIDY ONLINE: TwitterInstagram • IMG portfolio • Modelinia feature

* * *

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