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SI Swimsuit Models Advice to Swim Searchers

Here’s what every hopeful should know.
Group photo from the 2021 Swim Search photo set by Veronica Sams.

Group photo from the 2021 Swim Search photo set by Veronica Sams.

One of the great parts about SI Swimsuit is that the team doesn't exclusively use well-known models. So while, yes, some of the world's biggest names in sports, entertainment, and modeling have graced the pages, the magazine also highlights women from all walks of life. And they do so by holding a Swim Search competition. Literally, anyone can submit themselves, and the editors will choose several people to take part in a photoshoot. While there have been in-person events and online submissions in the past, this year, part of the Swim Search also took place via the brand's app, The Swimfluence Network. Now, the deadline to submit in the app—February 15—is quickly approaching. So, if you’re considering entering (which you should!), take some advice from those models who successfully nailed the Swim Search in the past.

Katie Austin Says Don’t Compare Yourself

“My biggest piece of advice is cliché, yet so important: stay authentic to who you are,” says the 2021 Swim Search co-winner. “Be bold, be you, be confident! Connect with other girls and support them, so you feel a part of the community. My favorite quote is, ‘Lighting someone else’s candle will not dim yours.’ On that same note, do not compare yourself to the other girls in Swim Search. It can be tough but remember that you are beautiful; every girl is unique and brings something different and amazing to the table.”

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Tanaye White Says Share Your Struggles

“SI Swimsuit models are more than just beautiful women in bikinis,” adds the 2020 Swim Search co-winner. “I love being tagged in all SI Swim Search hopeful posts but show us something different. We know you slay that swimsuit. But what else do you bring to the table and would bring to the issue? What major challenges have you overcome recently? Who motivates you to live your biggest and brightest? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done, the dopest place you’ve ever traveled? I want to know who you are behind the beauty, and I know the SI team does, too."

Christen Harper Says Support Other Women

"My top piece of advice for Swim Search hopefuls is to make the most of the entire process truly,” says the 2021 Swim Search co-winner. “Get involved, participate, make friends and lift each other up. The most rewarding part of the process was walking away with 13 women who truly felt like sisters. I had so much personal growth in my Swim Search year I pushed boundaries and really tried to put myself out there in ways I hadn’t in the past. So just go all out, leave it all on the table, don’t compare yourself, and have confidence in what you bring to the table because you are amazing, beautiful and have a unique story that needs to be heard.”

Brooks Nader Says Remind Yourself You’re Badass

“My advice to my Swim Search fam would be to be yourself,” says the 2019 Swim Search winner. “I know how nerve-racking the process can be, but trust me. I hope it is as comforting for you as it was to me, knowing that SI doesn’t care what you’re wearing, what color your hair is, or what size you are. They want to get to know you for you. You are badass, beautiful, brave and confident. You’ve got this.”2