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Meet the Community: Niki Kafashzadeh

I joined TSN because I’m imperfect and flawed, yet unapologetically me.
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Hometown: Rockville, MD

Age: 30

Fun fact: I have a black belt in taekwondo and I was Miss Vizcaya February in 2018.

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What does change for women mean for you?

Change for women means no double standards, it means we’re judged no differently than men because despite popular belief, it takes balls to be a woman. You have to be the change, you have to advocate and fight for everything that made you uncomfortable and start breaking the stereotypes by creating a completely new mold which is YOU. 

What would you like to share with the community?

"I am a thyroid cancer survivor and want to educate young women and advocate for early testing. I have worked in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. Working with the elderly has humbled me and made me realize is too short, so I believe in shooting my shot, always, and chasing my dreams. That’s why I love TSN and all the beautiful women I have met inside and out. I am so blessed to live in a world where this is even a possibility. Who would have thunk it?" 

Why did you join The Swimfluence Network?

"I joined TSN because I’m imperfect and flawed, yet unapologetically me. I want young women to feel comfortable in their own skin, not feel guilt about who they are because of predispositions and inaccurate thoughts about what it means to be a woman. I want women to know that no matter how different you may feel, that’s what makes you beautiful."

"Growing up I wanted to be like everyone else, but what I didn’t realize is how beautiful it is to be me. I want girls to embrace themselves no matter how different [they feel] and love themselves before it’s too late..." 

Meet the Community is a series dedicated to highlighting our community members on The Swimfluence Network. 

If you didn’t already know, SI Swimsuit has launched an app! The Swimfluence Network. We’ve created an inclusive community for women who are looking to connect, learn, grow and champion change for the next generation. Available now for iOS & Android by searching The Swimfluence Network in the App Store or visit us online.