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Meet the Community: Olivia Hack

A pharmacist and mental health advocate using her voice to spread positivity.
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Hometown: Salem, Ohio

Age: 29

Fun Fact about you: "I am a pharmacist with a really cute puppy named Sophie!"

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Why did you join TSN? 

"I am a pharmacist who has struggled with anxiety my whole life but after working nightshift during the pandemic I hit my breaking point and realized that I needed to get help. After reading Kevin Love’s article “To Anybody Going Through It” I was encouraged to my story with others as well. Therefore I joined TSN to use the SI Swimsuit platform to encourage others struggling with their mental health that they are not alone!"

What does change for women mean to you? 

"Change for women for me means creating a culture that reinforces a positive, encouraging, and supportive environment that allows women to stay true to themselves while successfully cultivating their passions and interests and further advocating for gender equality."

Anything else you would like to share with the community: 

"After being inspired to take action through SI Swimsuit’s Pay With Change campaign, Megan Divincenzo and I have teamed up to represent the city of Cleveland to help the Ilani family raise funds for Ukrainian volunteers on the ground directly helping those in need. We created a challenge called - "Ukraine 5 for 5" where we ask others to donate $5 to the Ukrainian Alliance by simply skipping a cup of a coffee for the day and then tag five others on social media with the link to donate so they can do the same!"

Meet the Community is a series dedicated to highlighting our community members on The Swimfluence Network.

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