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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 Casting Calls: Dioni Tabbers

SI Swimsuit 2017 casting calls are under way, and we're already totally smitten by the beautiful babes coming through our office. 

As we sift through hundreds of gorgeous ladies to fill out our next rookie class, we're hoping you'll follow along! When we meet SI Swimsuit hopefuls, you will, too. So what are you waiting for? 

Next up is Dioni Tabbers. The Holland native has been modeling since age 14, thanks to push from her older sister. But Dioni isn't just a pretty face. She knows her way around the kitchen, thanks to her time at culinary school. Though cooking is just a hobby. Dioni had thoughts about becoming a nurse had the whole model thing not worked out. Lucky for us, though, it did!

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Get to know more about Dioni in the video above, and be sure to keep coming back to Swim Daily for more 2017 SI Swimsuit Casting Calls!