Amanda Kay

Born in Toronto, Amanda Kay has been traveling the world since the age of 2, having lived in Jordan, Egypt, England, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Thailand. She graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto with a bachelor's degree in Marketing Management and minor in Human Resource Management. She worked in marketing in fields ranging from energy conservation to web development, but made the jump to modeling at the age of 32. She never believed that modeling was a viable option for her, not only because of the industry's history of size exclusivity, but also because an electrical burn accident when she was 4 left her hands and thigh covered in skin graft scars. She is committed to putting forth her body as is and showing anyone with insecurities that they are more than enough just the way they are. Being a voice in this desperately needed change isAs the industry began to shift, she came to realize that her presence could only mean more momentum in a positive direction.

her passion and she hopes to continue to be a leader in the body positive movement.

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