Brenna Huckabee Shares Thoughts on Being First Paralympian in SI Swimsuit - Swimsuit |

On her 2018 appearance in the issue, Brenna Huckaby explains, "I am the first Paralympian to be shot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, and that is insane to me. Everybody is aware of the first plus size model being shot in Sports Illustrated, and I felt excited for that moment. And I never even thought about a woman with an amputation...also in sports illustrated.

So I'm overwhelmed with such positive emotion over it, because I knew this day would come, but I didn't think that I would be the one to make this day happen. It's made me more confident in myself and's made me more motivated and able to help empower and inspire any woman or male that is in these situations.

I've never seen an amputee in, in anything like this, and I started to get a little nervous and scared...I'm really putting myself out there in such a way I never have. And then I thought about that again and was like, why is that scary? It is 2017. There shouldn't be any question about this.

And ever since I changed that mindset, I've just been so excited. Whatever box you keep yourself in or your limits in, push them open. Go get out. You can do anything."


SI Staff