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Christine Cherbonnier's Nighttime Skincare Routine

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As a makeup artist I live for the latest skincare tools and products, but not every product is going to work with my sensitive skin. In this video I show you my top skincare picks of the moment that are calming, hydrating and comfortable on my skin, products I purchase over and over and use daily. My nighttime skincare routine is something I look forward to every day, I always start with a bath and love to do a lymphatic drainage massage before applying any products on my skin. I use a combination of my favorite topical products, sheet masks and devices to deeply hydrate and tone my skin, and lastly I finish with my all-time favorite portable infrared light to ease redness and sun.

Christine Cherbonnier is a makeup artist that has worked with SI Swimsuit for almost 7 years. Some of her favorite locations with Swimsuit have been Malta, St. Lucia and Wyoming. In this brand-new Beauty Tutorial Series, Christine takes us through her tips and tricks from the industry, favorite products and skincare routines.