Christine Cherbonnier's Personal Makeup Routine - Swimsuit |

In this video, I show you how I do my own makeup every day for work as a makeup artist! I use a similar technique and application to my “No-Makeup Makeup Routine” and my “More Mature Skin” except skincare and foundation varies a bit in each one, with way more emphasis on full coverage and elevated eyes for My Personal Everyday Makeup. As someone who suffers from rosacea, a hydrated skin barrier as a base for foundation is a must. For my eyes my personal makeup look has changed dramatically through the years! I used to wear full glam with Electric Eel eyeshadow and Moxie lipstick by MAC almost every day (if you know, you know) to wearing no eye makeup at all and just a bold orange lipstick. But these days I’ve been loving a classic black eyeliner to accentuate my eye shape and lash line, and a lip liner for a slightly overdrawn big full nude lip. I hope you enjoy this video and it inspires you to try some new products in your own daily skincare routine! XO

Christine Cherbonnier is a makeup artist that has worked with SI Swimsuit for almost 7 years. Some of her favorite locations with Swimsuit have been Malta, St. Lucia and Wyoming. In this brand-new Beauty Tutorial Series, Christine takes us through her tips and tricks from the industry, favorite products and skincare routines. 


SI Staff