Emily DiDonato on her Social Media Platform and Personal Body Struggles - Swimsuit | SI.com

"I try to use my platforms as a place, to be honest and transparent about the struggles or things that I've overcome with my body, or [that] I still kind of am struggling with. The reason why I try to be honest [is because] I think people look at models and expect that we wake up every day [feeling] amazing.

We look amazing. We have abs and it's just simply not the case. I even thought that when I first started modeling. I would look at the Victoria secret catalog and be like, these girls have abs every day. How? I get abs once a month, if I do like a thousand, sit-ups. It just never happened for me.

I fluctuate so much. I didn't understand. So I think in general, I just try to use my platforms to be the voice that I wish I heard when I was younger."


SI Staff