Guide to Finding Your Best Lashes - Swimsuit |

“My 5 Favorites” is a miniseries within my makeup series where I share my five favorites of any beauty product. It’s always hard to choose favorites because I’m constantly discovering new products. These are the ones that have stuck with me throughout the years or are outstanding enough to have recently made it into my makeup arsenal as a new favorite! Lashes have always been an obsession of mine. I myself have pretty long lashes, so I’m always trying to thicken my roots and most mascaras just make my lashes look long and thin. I prefer a thickening mascara, but everyone has different lashes and the differences vary drastically from lash to lash. There isn’t one mascara that’s going to work on everyone. But some, I have, to say after working with thousands of lashes, are

exceptional to work on most. In addition to how the mascara looks, it also has to have staying power and is easy to remove to make it into my makeup bag or makeup kit.

Sometimes I’ll find that one mascara that makes my lashes look two feet long, stays all day, I can wear it while I exercise, etc., but if I can never get that mascara off or have to run a lot to remove it with heavy makeup remover that’s just gonna pull out my lashes anyway, I’m never putting that mascara on again lol. So I’ve narrowed it down to a few mascaras of the moment that I think work best and are not only gorgeous on but are comfortable and easy to wear. XO

Christine Cherbonnier is a makeup artist that has worked with SI Swimsuit for almost 7 years. Some of her favorite locations with Swimsuit have been Malta, St. Lucia and Wyoming. In this brand-new Beauty Tutorial Series, Christine takes us through her tips and tricks from the industry, favorite products and skincare routines. 


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