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Highlights of Hunter McGrady's 2022 Shoot in Belize

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Hunter McGrady was photographed in Belize by Yu Tsai shooting for SI Swimsuit 2022.

"We're in beautiful Belize. It is absolutely gorgeous here, such a perfect day."

McGrady speaks to SI about her dreams of becoming a model as a kid and inspiring others to break barriers of their own.

"I have always wanted to be a model since I was really really little. My parents are in the industry so I was always around it. I would say if it's a dream of yours, go for it. There's nothing that can hold you back. And if there's something society is telling you that you might be too big, too short, too whatever, now's your time to shine, and to break those barriers.

The day has been seamless. You know I'm always a little bit nervous coming in still even though this is my fifth year I'm always a little antsy. I'm also postpartum so I wasn't sure how I was really going to feel but I felt really really beautiful today and Yu Tsai and the entire team made it such a perfect, lovely day where I just really felt like myself, and I just came into myself again."