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“No-Makeup” Makeup Routine

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My ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Routine” is one of my favorite videos featuring my can’t-live-without products for everyday use. On my days off I’m not always feeling a full face of makeup, but I still don’t feel totally comfortable with a bare face because of my redness and sun damage. Every makeup routine I do starts with skincare. These are my favorite skincare products to create a hydrated, natural finish to my skin, so I can easily and quickly layer my concealer on top to even things out. I also share one of my favorite, easy-to-use highlighters, which I basically rub all over my face to put the glowing skincare look back into my skin after adding coverage. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. It's a quick minimal routine for that day when you're just not feeling a full face of makeup, or just want to feel more pulled together before you run out the door! XO

Christine Cherbonnier is a makeup artist that has worked with SI Swimsuit for almost 7 years. Some of her favorite locations with Swimsuit have been Malta, St. Lucia and Wyoming. In this brand-new Beauty Tutorial Series, Christine takes us through her tips and tricks from the industry, favorite products and skincare routines.