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Safe Summer Skin: A Sunscreen Guide

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This is one of my favorite tutorials because sun damage and sun protection are such a huge personal concern of mine! After having to remove precancerous skin on my face annually, I never leave the house without an SPF product on my face. Sun protection is also a huge responsibility as a makeup artist! After shooting in the sun and snow on location for almost 20 years, I’ve seen firsthand the effects of long-term sun exposure on myself as well as the importance of protecting models and other clients when exposed to sun for long periods of time on location shoots. In this video I share with you my favorite sun products as well as tinted SPFs that can be worn alone or mixed with your skincare or makeup, creating a custom SPF experience. Please don’t forget to always apply sunscreen or wear foundation with SPF already in the formula! XO

Christine Cherbonnier is a makeup artist that has worked with SI Swimsuit for almost 7 years. Some of her favorite locations with Swimsuit have been Malta, St. Lucia and Wyoming. In this brand-new Beauty Tutorial Series, Christine takes us through her tips and tricks from the industry, favorite products and skincare routines.