Highlights of Tanaye White's 2022 Photo Shoot in Barbados - Swimsuit | SI.com

Tanaye White was photographed by Ben Watts in Barbados for SI Swimsuit 2022.

"I feel really good - I just wrapped up my first location here in Barbados. I got the opportunity to work with Ben Watts. He's an amazing photographer. And we're going around the beach, having all these different backdrops with different colors. I love the fact that I can wear bright like this one, so I really feel in my element.

I think out of all the suites the red one-piece with the zip is my favorite because not only did it hug me nicely, but we did a pull-up competition between me and the crew and I held my own weight [in it], let's just say that.

I just wrapped my third year with SI Swimsuit for 2022. This was a day that was even better than I expected. I always know it's going to go well, but this was so great. The energy was high, it was full of positivity. There's great music, laughter - everything. The sun is setting - It's just the beautiful closing to an awesome day."


SI Staff