Ellie Thumann Embraces Southern Chic in Mini Dress and Cowboy Boots

The model paired the sweetest dress with a pair of dark brown boots.
Ellie Thumann
Ellie Thumann / Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Ellie Thumann is in her cowgirl era, and to say we’re enamored with her style and aesthetic would be an understatement. The model and content creator moved to the charming coastal city of Charleston, S.C., just over a year ago, and has been embracing the lifestyle ever since. Everything from her fashion to her content is a reflection of her new home, and we love it.

Her recent Instagram post is an ode to this “season” of life. In the carousel, Thumann featured a handful of outtakes from recent months, and her cowgirl-inspired fashion was on full display. Her series of outfits included several pairs of cowboy boots, paired with a sweet mini dress or denim shorts and a “howdy” tank, a cowboy hat and jean cut-offs.

“this season of my life has been the biggest blessing but crazy!!!” Thumann admitted in the caption. “Here’s some of the cozy moments throughout the last couple months.”

SI Swimsuit rookie Penny Lane put it best in the comment section of the post: “Serving cowgirl chic,” she wrote of the various outfits.

For Thumann and her sister, Erin, who live together in Charleston, cowboy boots have become a regular wardrobe staple. From afternoon activities to nights out, their various Southern-inspired looks prove that nothing makes for a statement quite like a pair of tan (or bright blue or navy) cowboy boots.

All of this is to say, we might just be feeling inspired. After all, what could be better than a chic little cowgirl summer?

Martha Zaytoun


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