How to Work Out Anywhere, Anytime in 10 Minutes or Less

Are you hardworking, motivated, driven for success and wanting to keep a healthy lifestyle but are struggling to find ways to fit it all in? How on Earth do we work a full day, spend time with our loved ones, make ourselves a healthy, Instagram-worthy recipe every meal throughout the day while on top of that, find a solid hour to spare for a workout? Wait and also keep up with your social life. We can’t forget about that!

I’m here to show you that you can do it all and move your body every single day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. All of my workouts are designed to be incredibly convenient for you to find the time on your own schedule. You can even break them up into five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night. My workouts are so flexible that you can’t say you don’t have 10-15 minutes to get in a little bit of a sweat every day.

Here’s one tip: Every morning look at your to-do list and calendar. Most days, you will see a free 15 or 20 minutes here and there. Those times add up. Schedule in your movement time just like you schedule in your Zooms, calls or appointments. And no, you don’t need to sweat every single workout to make it effective.

Speaking of free minutes, here’s a challenge for you: Go into the settings on your phone and check out your daily social media screen time. You will be shocked how many minutes can add up on social media. So why not shave 10 minutes off your screen time and get your body moving instead?!

Don’t have any equipment? Use a chair for tricep dips, a book for a squat to press, water bottles for bicep curls and a pillow for ab moves. Utilizing your surroundings can also be very helpful to not only be efficient, but also be creative in making and keeping your workout entertaining.

Here are two recommendations for my favorite workout accessories: a band and ankle weights. A resistance band is wonderful because you can travel with it, as it weighs almost nothing and doesn’t take up much space. Ankle weights are a great way to multitask. They can be around your ankles or your wrists as you’re completing other tasks, like cooking or typing at your work desk.

Big reminder: Consistency is key with short workouts.

I am a huge proponent of accessible and efficient workouts that you can literally do anytime, anywhere! The Katie Austin App has nearly 200 workout classes and a ton of them are body weight focused, meaning you only need yourself and five feet of space to get in a great workout.

Now I'm going to share one of my favorite workouts with you! This is a great in-home and low-impact HIIT workout. I designed it to be beginner friendly, but it truly can be for anyone. Usually, HIIT workouts can be super intense on your body, with lots of jumping and difficult moves, but this workout features moves that are easier variations of those more intense exercises. Let’s get to it!

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