Brooke Burke Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets

It’s all about biohacking.

Photo provided courtesy of Brooke Burke photographed by Kristen Brady.

Booke Burke, the accomplished TV personality, fitness personality, author, actress and businesswoman, turned 50 last September, but you’d never know it by looking at her. Brooke is the founder of Brooke Burke Body and yes, she works hard to maintain her physical fitness, but she also employs some simple biohacking tips to up her health and wellness game. As we charge into the season of new resolutions, Burke shared her daily routine and favorite products with SI Swimsuit. Here’s what she had to say.

What is the one thing that’s helped you to maintain your youthful glow?

“Treating beauty as a whole package from within: fueling my body, staying hydrated, knowing how to train my body, taking care of my skin, never going to bed without washing my face, not compromising on my skincare routine. And honestly, lots and lots of water.”

What is your daily routine when it comes to health and wellness?

“Really slowing down and having grateful moments in the morning. I have my coffee in bed. But before I even rise, I try to steal five to 10 minutes from every day just for myself to get my head in the right place. I couldn’t always do that because of life, kids and schedules. So that is a pandemic blessing that I plan to hold on to. Then I like to schedule my workouts in the morning. I have more energy in the morning, so I like to knock out my workouts then.

“My first meal of the day after intermittent fasting is a shake that is full of everything I need from good fats, MCT oil, Tru Niagen packets, collagen powders, almond butter cinnamon for anti-inflammatory properties, peptides, etc. I basically put everything I need into one shake, and that’s it. It’s that simple. I take a moment in the morning for myself. I fuel my body, get my workout done in the morning, and then I am good to go and conquer the world.”

How has your routine changed over the years?

“My morning routine has changed so much recently because having babies and raising a family is all about them. I think that’s when a woman compromises her personal commitments. So I’m in a space right now where I get to slow down in the morning. My kids are self-sufficient. I get to design my workouts and teach classes. I get to enjoy my cup of coffee without nuking it three times. So I get a little bit of me-time, which just wasn’t an option for me most of my life.”

What are your top beauty tips?

“Hydration is No. 1. I believe it’s beneficial for hair, skin, nails and joints. Then sleep. You have to give yourself a chance to recover. Nighttime is a time to let your skin rest and let your body repair your gut. I also think that good fats are essential. I’m a big believer in MCT oil. I also love vitamins for the face. I like Vitamin B, Vitamin C for eye cream and coconut oil.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?

“I like Tru Niagen, jade rollers and quartz rollers. Knesko skin is one that I recently discovered that I’m really loving.”

You are a self-proclaimed biohacking nerd. What does that mean?

“Biohacking is a term that I don’t think we ever even heard last decade. It’s basically a way of manipulating the system to get what you need in the most efficient way possible. And I have a hacking lab in my garage that is everything from infrared saunas to red lights to the climber machine. I’ve got the stationary bike in there, too. And I have BEMER, which temporarily increases local blood circulation in healthy muscles and stimulates muscles to improve and facilitate performance. It’s a pad that I lay on for eight minutes that helps my body recover. NuCalm is another one that used to not be affordable for the masses. Now it is because it’s a subscription app on your phone, and it helps you get four hours of recovery and rejuvenation in like 20, 30 minutes.”

Lastly, you’ve been such a poster child for always rocking a bikini. Do you think there’s an age limit on wearing a bikini?

“This is such an important question, especially for myself as a woman who just turned 50. Also, I’m raising three daughters and just celebrating sensuality, body confidence and different body shapes at every age. Every stage in your life is important. I think body confidence means something different for everyone. I love seeing a woman in her 60s, 70s, 80s on the beach in her bikini, feeling good with a pep in her step, and just celebrating life. And it matters how you feel as a woman. So I don’t put an age or a decade to that. I feel like I’m in better shape now than I was before. But it’s also because I understand my body as a woman. You just have to find something that fuels your personal confidence. And it’s not a number; there's no age to it.”

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